Rae Skirt

The Rae Skirt is a cute fitting elastic waist skirt with vertical seams along the front, back, and sides for shaping.
0-16 included
Skill Level:
True Beginner


The Rae Skirt is designed for true beginners. If you can work a sewing machine and follow directions, you can make this skirt!

The Rae Skirt, with it's vertical seams along the front, back, and sides of the skirt, offers a better fit than many elastic waist skirts. For true beginners, we've included helpful information to ensure a nicely completed skirt, plus a good learning experience. This is the beginner-level sewing project you'll actually want to wear!

View A is an above the knee skirt with a slightly full silhouette. View B is the same length as A but with more fullness, and View C is a knee-length version of view B.

More advanced sewists will love the Rae Skirt pattern for it's quick sew and as a great launching point for using a variety of fabrics to make many different skirts.

This skirt fits great on all shapes. For sizing and material list, view the pattern details here in yards or meters.